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Featured Computer Services

Motherboard Replacement

Computer Motherboard Replacement

Computer Service Center in is the leading specialist in Computer Motherboard and Computer Logic board repairs in the Chennai, bangalore, pune and mumbai.

Basic Software Installation

Basic Software Installation

Computer Service Center in Provide free Basic Software Installation on Ms-Office, Antivirus, Power Point services in the Chennai, bangalore, pune and mumbai.

Computer Network Issues

computer network repair, computer internet problem

A common issue business networks encounter is a slow reaction time for applications, especially shortly after a computer starts up or connects to a network.

Troubleshoot software issues

Troubleshoot software issues

Computer Service Center in is the leading specialist in computer Troubleshoot software issues repairs in the Chennai , bangalore, pune and mumbai.

Installing Your Printer

Installing Your Printer

Most printers are plug and play these days. However, if your computer requires a driver to pick up and communicate with your new printer, you can usually find it on the installation CD included in the box.

Computer Screen is Blank

Laptop Keyboard Repair

If the screen is blank, the computer may not be set to display the image on the computer screen. First, check if the monitor is plugged in to a power outlet and is connected to the computer securely and make sure the monitor power button is on.